Bihar Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 4: Ice Cream Man

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SubjectEnglish (Radiance Part 3)
Chapter4: Ice Cream Man
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Bihar Board Class 8 English Solution Chapter 4

Ice Cream Man

Question 1.

List the occasions, when you eat ice-cream ?
In summer and in parties.

Question 2.

Which ice-cream do you like most ? Name some of the flavors that you have tasted ?
I like Vanilla Ice-cream most I also like chocolate flavor and strawberry.

Question 3.

Where do you go to buy ice-cream ?
I go to a ice-cream parlour to buy ice-cream. The parlour is near to my home. Ice-cream man also comes to my school. I purchase ice-cream with him too.

B. Let’s Comprehend

B. 1. Think and Tell

Question 1.

Who sells ice-cream ?
The ice-cream man

Question 2.

Where does the ice-cream man go ?
Street to street and near schools.

Question 3.

What does the ice-cream man have over his head ?

Question 4.

Who feels joy to see the ice-cream man ?

B. 2. Think and Write

B. 2. 1. Answer the following questions briefly.

Question 1.

What are the buyers of ice-cream compared to in the poem ? What does the comparison suggest ?
The buyers are compared to honeybees. The comparison suggest that they make crowd around him.

Question 2.

“Beneath his round umbrella Oh, what a joyful sight”
Who says these words? Which expression suggests the attitudes of the speaker ?

A child, the speaker of this poem says these words. The following expression suggests the attitude of the speaker “To see him fill the cones with mounds of cooling brown and white.

B. 2. 2. Answer the following questions in about 30 words.

Question 1.

Why do you feel joyful to see the ice-cream man in summer ? Give reasons.
We feel very hot in summer. Ice-cream eating makes us cool for sometime. So, we feel joyful to see the ice-cream man in summer.

Question 2.

List different flavors of ice-cream mentioned in the poem that the ice-cream man sells. And some more to the list
The ice-cream man sells these different flavors of ice-cream – Vanilla, Chocolate, strawberry, some more flavors are – Butter-scotch Ice-cream, mango, litchi, pine-apple flavored ice-cream etc.

C. Word Study

Question 1.

Pick out the words/expressions that convey the idea of intensity of heat in summer.
‘And brick’s blaze of heat’.

Question 2.

Pick out the word that means ‘a huge amount’.

Question 3.

When you hear the words ‘winter’ and ‘summer’, what are the things that come to your mind ? Write them down in the circles.

D. Rhyme time & Figures of Speech

D. 1. Look at the following pairs of words:

You have already been told that the pairs of words that end with a similar sound are called rhyming pairs/words.

Line circle words that rhyme with the words given in bold each box. One has been done for you.

stag – (prize) – leg – (acries)
(prize) – (acries)

fry – dry – body – forty
fry – dry

bought – night – right – eight

rope – rate – ripe – fate
rate – fate

shut – man – run – sun
run – sun

some – lamp – dump – plum
dump – plum

orange – range – strange – sponge
range – strange

crash – fresh – brush – clash
crash – clash

cross – suppose – broke – oppose
suppose – oppose

caught – laughed – bought – bright
caught – bought


Study the following lines

“The children duster around As thick as honeybens ”
Here, children are compared to honeybens. Such obvious comparison using-‘as’ are known as similes.

Look at some more examles :
as white as snow (the colour of snow is compared to white) as red as blood (the colour of blood is compared tored) as hot as fire (the heat of fire is compared to hot).

Now complete the following similes by choosing appropriate words from the box :

(coal, elephant, statue, giraffe, sky, grass, pig, ice, banyan, cotton, diamond, honey)

  1. as blue as ………………
  2. as tall as ……………….
  3. as green as ……………
  4. as black as …………….
  5. as fat as …………………
  6. as hard as …………….
  7. as huge as ……………
  8. as sweet as …………..
  9. as cool as ………………..
  10. as dumb as …………….
  11. as old as ………………..
  12. as soft as ……………..


  1. as blue as sky.
  2. as tall as giraffe.
  3. as green as grass.
  4. as black as coal.
  5. as fat as pig.
  6. as hard as diamond.
  7. as huge as elephant.
  8. as sweet as honey.
  9. as cool as ice.
  10. as dumb as statue.
  11. as old as banyan.
  12. as soft as cotton.

D. 3. Speak aloud the following words and notice whether you can hear the “z” sound at the end of each of these words.

blaze – roses

Question 1.

Read the poem aloud.and encircle the words which end with the sound “z”.
Blaze, frosty – fizz, peas, honeybees.

E. Let’s Talk

Work in groups

  1. Children like to eat and drink lots of cold things in summer. Name some of them.
  2. Name some of the things that you and your friends do in the rainy season.
  3. Name some of the interesting and enjoyable things that you and your friends, do in winter.

Anil : In summer, when it is too hot, we like to eat ice-cream, the most.
Sunil : We also like to have cold drinks.
Mohit : I prefer to lassi the most.
Anil : In rainy season we all like to play and be wet in the rain.
Sunil: Yes, I too like rain-bath.
Mohit: In the winter season we enjoy hot tea and coffee. We enjoy sitting near the fire

F. Composition

Question 1.
The Managing Committee of your school has decided to organise an inter school kabaddi tournament in your school on its Foundation Day. As the Secretary of the Sports and Games Committee of the school circulate letters of invitation to the headmasters of different schools of your locality to send their teams to take part in the tournament. Time, date, place and procedure of registration must be mentioned in it.

March 15, 2012

High School, Jainagar

The Principal,
Respected Sir,

The Managing Committee of our school has decided to -organise an Inter-school Kabaddi tournament in our school.

We would like to in form you to send your schools best team to participate in the said tournament. Please let us know your kind consideration soon.

The Kabaddi tournament will be organised on 25th May from 3 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. in our school’s campus.

Virendra Kumar
(Sports and Games)

G. Translation

Question 1.
Translate the poem in Hindi or your mother tongue.
Hindi translation of the poem is given before the exercise.
Word meaning : Brick (n) [ब्रिक] = ईंट । Blaze (n) [ब्लेज] = प्रदीप्ति, आग का दहन | Cart (n) [कार्ट] = छकड़ा, दो पहियों वाली छोटी ठेलागाड़ी । Trundle (v)[ट्रन्डल] = लुढ़कना | Beneath (prep)(बीनिथ) = नीचे । Oh (interj)[ओह] = ओह । Joyfull (adj) ज्वॉयफुल) = आनन्द भरा | Sight (n) (साइट] = दृश्य । Fill (v)[फिल] = भरना । Mound (n) [माउन्ड] = ऊपर को उठा हुआ ढेर, उभार Cooling (adj) [कूलिंग 3 ठण्डा करने वाला । Vanilla (n) [वनीला] = एक प्रकार का आइसक्रीम । Drinks (n) [ड्रिंक्स] = पेय पदार्थ । Drink (v) [ड्रिंक] = पीना । Frosty-fizz (n) [फ्रॉस्टी-फिज) = शीतल पेय | Might (v) [माइट] = संभव होना । Be (v) [बी] = होना । Way (n) [वे] = तरीका । Honey bee (n) (हनीबी] = मधुमक्खी । Thick (adj) [थिक] = घना।

H. Activity

Consult an encyclopedia and write down the recipe for making vanilla ice-cream/custard at home.
Follow the procedure and taste the ice-cream/custard you make.
Hints: Do the activity work yourselves.

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