Bihar Board Class 9 English Poem Solutions Chapter 1: The Grandmother

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Poem
Chapter1. The Grandmother
PoetRay Young Bear
CategoryBihar Board Class 9 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 9 English Poem Solutions Chapter 1

The Grandmother

A. Answer the following questions orally:

Question 1.

What do you call your mother’s mother or father’s mother?

I call maternal grandmother to mother’s mother and grandmother to father’s mother.

Question 2.

How do you behave with your grandmother?

I behave with my grandmother with due respect.

Question 3.

What is the role of a grandmother in a family?

The grandmother is respected by all. She tells stories to children sometimes feeds, them.

Question 4.

Is your grandmother alive? How much are you attached to her?

Yes, she is alive. She is my guide who always encourages me to do good.

B. 1. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false statement:

  1. The speaker sees his grandmother from two miles away.
  2. The grandmother’s scarf was red.
  3. The shopping bag was made of jute.
  4. The poet felt hands on his head.
  5. The grandmother’s hands were too hot.
  6. Her hands were warm with the smell of roots.
  7. A voice was coming from a mountain.


  1. – (F)
  2. – (F)
  3. – (F)
  4. – (T)
  5. – (F)
  6. – (T)
  7. – (T)

B. 2. Fill in the blanks on the basis of your reading of the poem:

  1. If I______ to see her______from a mile away.
  2. I________ know so that it__________ be her.
  3. If I________ hands on my____________.
  4. I__________ know that those her ______.
  5. If I________a voice coming_______ a rock.
  6. I_________ know her words _______ flow.


  1. were, shape
  2. would, quickly, would
  3. felt, head
  4. would, were, hands
  5. heard, from
  6. would, would.

B. 3. Answer the following questions very briefly:

Question 1.

From what distance does the poet recognise his grandmother?

He recognises his. grandmother from a mile.

Question 2.

What is the colour of the grandmother’s scarf?

The colour of the grandmother’s scarf is purple.

Question 3.

What material the shopping bag is made of?

The shopping bag is made of plastic.

Question 4.

What are the two things in the first eight lines which the speaker associates with his grandmother?

The speaker associates with her purple scarf and her plastic bag.

Question 5.

In the poem, the poet feels the tender-touch of his grandmother. Explain the lines.

The poet feels the tender touch of his grandmother. Her hands are warm and damp with the smell of roots.

Question 6.

From where was the voice coming?

The voice was coming from a rock.

Question 7.

Where do the words of grandmother flow in the poet?

The words of grandmother flow inside the poet.

C. 1. Long Answer Type Questions:

Question 1.

‘The purple scarf’ and ‘the plastic shopping bag’ suggest the social position of the speaker. Explain.

The poet describes that his grandmother has a purple scarf and a plastic bag with her that give us an idea to know that she is of a middle-class family. She goes to market for shopping. She belongs to a middle-class family. This is also a standard of family’s advancement.

Question 2.

How does the poet express a close and emotional relationship with his grandmother? Discuss.

Although there is a mile distance between the poet and his grandmother, yet he feels that she is near somewhere. Her hands are felt on his head. He can see her purple scarf and her plastic shopping bag. So, the image of his grandmother is everywhere. It is due to the emotional relationship between the two.

Question 3.

Explain the expression: ‘With the smell of roots’.

The poet has used here roots that is very suggestive. It is thought that some kinds of plants are grown in grandmother’s garden and she must have done the gardening. So she touches the poet’s head with her hand that smells clear about the roots.

Question 4.

Why does the speaker say ‘a voice coming from a rock’. When does a voice come from a rock? Have you ever experienced your sound coming back to you?

I think the poet’s grandmother is dead. He hears her echoes only. It is very suggestive. He has become emotional, therefore, he hears his grandmother’s voice in the surrounding even after her death. When a person speaks before a high mountain, the voice conics back to him. It is an echo. It gives an impression that is actually coining from the rock. I have experienced this many times.

Question 5.

What does ‘Sleeping fire’ suggests in the poem? Explain?

Here sleeping fire suggests the sleeping attitude and energy of the poet-that is now unawakened. When the voice of his grandmother flows inside his mind and heart he once again begins to work energetically.

Question 6.

What are ‘Stirring ashes’ in the poem? Explain.

It is suggestive. The poet’s heart seems calm outwardly as if he had forgotten his grandmother but inwardly the image of his grandmother is always alive. He still remembers whatever she used to do and the love and care she offered on him.

Question 7.

‘Her words would flow inside me’ shows the poet’s insense closeness with his grandmother. Comment on the speaker’s relationship with his grandmother.

The expression’ her words would flow inside me’ shows the poet’s intense closeness with his grandmother. The poet is closely related to his grandmother. Though she is a mile away from him, he. feels as if she were near anywhere. Her purple scarf and shopping bag show the closeness and intimation of the poet with his grandmother.

Question 8.

The speaker has shown his intimate relation with his grand-mother using all his senses. How? Explain.

It is a remarkable fact. The poet is close to his grand-mother. She is a mile away from him, he feels as if she were near anywhere. The poet sees her purple scarf and shopping bag show the closeness and intimation of the poet with his grandmother.

C.2. Group Discussion

Discuss the following in groups and pairs:

Question 1.

Distance does not affect intimate relationships. Do you agree?

Yes, intimate relation is related to the heart. It is abstract, which can’t be touched or seen, but can be felt only. This thing is thus clear here. She is blessing the poet with her warm and damp hand. But the poet’s grandmother is now no more so he felt only through his heart, so it is abstract. Thus it shows the intimate relationship between the poet and his dead grandmother.

Comprehension Based Questions with Answers

  1. If I were to see
    her shape from a mile away
    I’d know so quickly
    that it would be her.
    the purple scarf
    and the plastic
    shopping bag.
    if I felt
    hands-on my head
    I’d know that those
    were her hands


  1. Name the poem and the poet.
  2. How can the poet recognise his Grandmother?
  3. What is the feeling of the poet regarding his grandmother?


  1. The name of the poem is ‘The Grandmother’ and the poet is Ray Young Bear.
  2. The poet can recognise his grandmother from a mile with her purple scarf and plastic shopping bag.
  3. He felt his grandmother’s hand on his forehead. The poet has a great feeling for his grandmother.
  1. warm and damp
    with the smell
    of roots.
    if I heard
    a voice
    coming from
    a rock
    I’d know
    and her words
    would flow inside me
    like the light
    of someone
    stirring ashes
    from a sleeping fire
    at night.


  1. What does ‘Warm and damp’ symbolize?
  2. What for ‘I’ stands here?
  3. What would flow inside the poet?
  4. Find the word from the poem which means, “causing to move”.


  1. ‘Warm and damp’ symbolizes the softy hands of his grandmother.
  2. Here ‘I’ stands for the poet.
  3. Grandmother’s words would flow inside the poet’s heart.
  4. The word is “Stirring”.

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