Bihar Board Class 9 English Poem Solutions Chapter 7: I Am Like Grass

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Poem
Chapter7. I Am Like Grass
CategoryBihar Board Class 9 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 9 English Poem Solutions Chapter 7

I Am Like Grass

A. Work in small groups and discuss the questions given below:

Question 1.

Have you seen grass?

Yes, I have seen grass.

Question 2.

How does it look?

It looks green.

Question 3.

How do you feel when you walk on it?

While walking I feel soft sensation and I feel pleasant enough.

Question 4.

Can a man be compared to grass? Read, the poem and see why the poet thinks himself similar to grass.

Yes, a man can be compared to grass. Because he is humble and low like grass. It cannot be obliterated forever. Similar is the case with human life.

B.1. Answer the following questions very briefly:

Question 1.

Why does the poet say that he is like grass?

The poet says that he is like grass because he has the ability to bounce back as does the grass after chopping and moving.

Question 2.

Why does the poet say that he will sprout again even after being mowed down?

The poet says that he will sprout again even after being moved down because nothing can erase his identity.

Question 3.

What makes the poet say that people can’t erase his identity?

Because he has the capability to sprout again and his mantle can cover everything.

Question 4.

What will his mantle cover?

His mantle will cover everything.

B.2. Answer the following questions very briefly:

Question 1.

What do Banga and Sangrur refer to?

Banga and Sangrur refer to the fact that no destruction of human life can have a permanent effect. Life will definitely bounce back sometime.

Question 2.

“And reduce the whole district of Ludhiana to ashes.” What does this line suggest?

The given line suggests that it is easy to destroy human habitation but no destruction can be forever. It is only a matter of time that these habitations start teeming with life again.

Question 3.

What time will it take for the poet to come back to his normal state?

It can not take more than ten years for the poet to come back to his normal state.

Question 4.

Why will the tourists visit the green jungle or Barnala?

The tourists will visit the green ‘jungle of Barnala’ for its greenery which is suggestive to life.

C.1. Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1.

Why has the poet compared himself to grass? What are the features of grass?

The poet has compared himself to grass because of the similarity between human life and grass. As grass is soft, smooth and can be cut easily but the more important thing is that it has the capability to sprout after being chopped. Similar is the case with human life. No destruction of human life or habitation can be forever.

Question 2.

The grass is soft, smooth and not rough. It is easily cut. But the poet here has used it as a symbol. What does grass symbolise here?

The poet has used grass as a symbol here. It is to suggest that sprouting or bouncing back to life is innate to human life or nature. It is the symbol of regeneration, greenery and happiness.

Question 3.

The poem suggests the resolute nature of the poet. Do you agree with it? Give your own opinion.

No mowing or chopping of the grass can destroy it forever. The fact that the poet compares himself to the grass clearly suggests that he. too has the resoluteness of the grass to survive. He is confident that he cannot be destroyed forever. The poet seems to be an optimist. This is very important in the poem.

Question 4.

What is the background of his poem? In what circumstances do you think this poem has been written?

The background of this poem is according to my view is terrorism. I think the poem has been written during the turbulence in Punjab when some terrorists tried to disturb the peace. That was the circumstances in which the poem was written.

Question 5.

Summarise the poem in about 100 words.

See Summary of the poem.

C.2. Group Discussion

Discuss the following in groups or pairs:

Question 1.

Nature is our best teacher.

A teacher is an educator. Education always works in two ways. It should inspire and encourage. It should also control and restrict. It should provide a free atmosphere for the growth of the child. It should also teach discipline. Nature intended to do exactly the same for students. So under the influence of Nature would develop not only the beauty of looks and figure but a moral sense and wisdom. One is capable of feeling the spirit of divinity in everything around one’s in natural surroundings. One can find peculiar joy and peace in rocks and plains. So a child is brought up in the artificial atmosphere of a city’s educational institutions becomes a less ethical youth. Naturalist like Plato says, “Come to nature and learn from it.” The great poet William Wordsworth feels God is everywhere manifest in the harmony of nature.” And he felt deeply the kinship between nature and the soul of humankind. Thus it proves that Nature is the best teacher.

Question 2.

We can always get inspiration from Nature.

Nature is the guide and guardian. We can always get inspiration from it. It is a high priest. It is believed that man can form a living contact with Nature. Nature wholesomely influences human character. Nature not only gives comfort to the disturbed human mind, but she can also rear him up .like a sympathetic and loving nurse. Thus Nature exercises a positive influence on man by keeping close contact with Nature, man can absorb the wholesome spirit and inspiration and develop the qualities of body, mind and spirit.

Comprehension Based Questions with Answers

  1. I am like grass
    you can chop me mow me down
    but I shall sprout again
    and bounce back
    you can obliterate my signposts
    you can bomb the Universities
    reduce the hostels to rubble
    you may scorch the Slums
    but you cannot erase my identity
    because I am like grass
    I will sprout again
    and my mantle shall cover everything


  1. Name the poem and the poet.
  2. What does the poet compare himself to?
  3. What can be done to signpost, universities, hostels, and slums?
  4. What is the confidant of?


  1. The name of the poem is ‘I am like Grass’ and the poet is Pash.
  2. The poet compares himself to the grass.
  3. Signpost may be destroyed universities can be bombed hostels may be reduced to rubble and slums may be burnt.
  4. The poet is confident of sprouting, growing and bouncing back.
  1. You may bomb Banga
    you may destroy Sangrur
    and reduce the whole district of Ludhiana to ashes
    but it will be only a matter of time
    two years ten years
    before my green mantle covers everything again
    I shall become a vast green jungle
    the green jungle of Barnala
    where tourists will visit me
    visit my green jungle
    because I am like grass
    you can chop me
    you can mow down
    but I will sprout again
    and cover everything


  1. Which places may they destroy?
  2. What may happen to Ludhiana?
  3. In what time will grass cover again?
  4. Who will visit him and where?
  5. Find the word from the stanzas given which mean ‘loose covering’.


  1. They may bomb Banga and destroy Sangrur.
  2. The whole district of Ludhiana may be reduced to ashes.
  3. It will take two years or ten years for green clothing to cover everything again.
  4. Tourist will visit him at the green jungle of Bamala.
  5. Mantle.

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