Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 1: I’m going to dance again

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Reader
Chapter1. I’m going to dance again
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Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 1

I’m going to dance again

Question 1.

Why was Sonal Mansingh making a new start at rang bhavan ? Explain.

Ans – Eight months prior to her performance at Rang Bhavan Sonal Mansingh had met with an accident that injured her.To be precise she had been badly injured and had broken many bones. Her twelfth vertebra, four ribs and collar bones were fractured but luckily her spinal cord was unharmed.Soon Sonal was covered in casts from her neck to hip which happened to be really heavy.The doctors announced that even though she was out of danger she had lost the use of her knees, toes and ankles. He added that it would take months for her to make full recovery. Sonal started growing fearful as days passed thinking about whether her injuries would recover and if she would be able to dance again. While Sonal regained her lost strength she truly understood how precious life was. Once again she had the opportunity to embrace what she loved the most , thus her performance at Rang Bhavan was a new beginning for her.

Question 2.

If you had undergone a similar experience in your life what would you have done ? Would you have resigned yourself to your fate or fought against the odds?

Ans – Unfortunate events like accidents and injuries often restrict the course of our lives, but does not necessarily have to be the end of a journey. If it was me in similar situations as the antagonist of the story I would do the same. I would muster the courage and keep alive the hope that things would be better in the near future and still keep striving for my passions and goals in life.
I believe that those who surrender themselves to fate and wait for miracles to happen, seldom get what they want. If fate decides to test someone it is their duty to emerge victorious in such trying times fighting with their adverse situations. I would do the same as I am a strong believer of actions.

Question 3.

Describe how Sonal’s car met with an accident ?

Ans- Sonal was in Germany, tutoring students on Indian Classical dance. On 24th August she andd her fiance were traveling on road driving at a speed of 110kph. The road was wet and lonely. They suddenly saw a deer standing in the middle of the road, her fiance immediately jammed on the brakes.The car slipped towards the side, swung , turned upside down and rested on its roof. When Sonal’s fiance gained consciousness and managed to get out the car he found Sonal lying outside the car meters away and in an unconscious state.

Question 4.

What happened when the car carrying Sonal met with an accident?

Ans – As an aftermath of the unfortunate accident Sonal was found lying on the same road where it occurred with her eyes closed and meters away from the car. Sonal lay there unconscious. After her fiance sprinkled water on her face, she regained her senses and groaned that she was feeling cold and asked her fiance to wrap her up in a shawl. Immediately after this she reverted back to the state of unconsciousness. She was rushed to a nearby Municipal hospital by an ambulance. Being taken to the emergency room she was injected with medicines to reduce her pain and afterwards taken in for X-rays. The reports of the X-rays showed that Sonal had suffered severe injuries in her twelfth vertebra, four ribs and collar bones were fractured but however, her spinal cord was unharmed. For better treatment she was advised to seek treatment from the University of Surgical Clinic at Erlangen. At Erlangen, the doctors put Sonal within a cast and intended to operate on her. Sonal refused to be operated on. However, the doctors declared that she had lost mobility of her knees, toes, ankles and elbows and that it would take months of exercise and healing for her to function normally again.

Question 5.

How was Sonal rushed to the Municipal hospital ? Have you ever extended a helping hand to anyone who is lying unconscious after a serious accident?

Ans – After her accident Sonal was found in a shocking state with her eyes closed meters away from the car. Her fiance tried to wake her up by sprinkling water on her face. Initially, she opened her eyes and nodded her head and asked for her fiance to wrap her up in a shawl since she was feeling cold. Unfortunately, right after she said so she fainted. At that moment the police car arrived and called an ambulance for assistance. The ambulance men lifted Sonal on a stretcher and carried her to the Municipal hospital.
Yes, as far as I can recall I was really young and was traveling with my parents in our car. Our car was suddenly stopped as we saw a crowd gathered in the middle of the road that we were passing by. We got down from the car to investigate the matter. A young man was lying on the road, unconscious with blood around him. My parents did not waste a single moment and called an emergency ambulance and decided to follow the ambulance and the injured to the hospital. He was admitted to the hospital and soon his family members were informed.

Question 6.

This accident left Sonal shattered. She met with serious injuries. Enumerate.

Ans – While Sonal was in Germany she and her fiance met with an accident. As a result of the accident she suffered from many injuries. She had suffered severe injuries in her twelfth vertebra, four ribs and collar bones were fractured but however, her spinal cord was unharmed. These injuries caused her ankles, toes to be rendered immobile. Her fiance was told by the doctors that her recovery would require time and rigorous exercise throughout. Even taking advice from other doctors didn’t prove fruitful. Her friends and family were worried if she could dance again. Sonal who was professionally an Indian Classical Dancer felt her dreams were shattered. She often wondered whether she would be able to walk and let alone dance again. She had lost her sleep and appetite.

Question 7.

How did Sonal react after she regained consciousness ?

Ans – On regaining her consciousness Sonal seemed to be in a state of pain and groaned. She said to her fiance that she was feeling cold. She also added that he should wrap her up in a shawl. Just after this, she fainted gain.

Question 8.

‘ Where there is will ,there is a way”. How does this apply to Sonal Mansingh?

Ans – The idiom “where there is will, there is a way” elucidates an important lesson of life. The idiom tries to convey the message that no matter how adverse the situations might be if one tries and keeps their will power intact, every obstacle can be overcomed.
This idiom is fitting to the story of Sonal Mansingh resuming her dance career after a horrible accident. The doctors had suggested operations initially pertaining to her fractured ribs, collar bones, vertebra and her immobile ankles, joints and toes. The doctors also added that her recovery would not be easy and would take time. Initially Sonal was doubtful about her recovery but managed to pull through that stage and regained her strength. She finally performed once again at Rang Bhavan against all the odds.

Let’s discuss

A.) Man is the “master of his fate”.

The term”fate” is usually used to describe what is better known as “predestined” or one’s destiny. People often believe that one’s course and path of life is already decided by his fortune or a godly entity. However, throughout the history of mankind there have been several instances which can also be called miracles where people have pointed out that it is the man himself who is in control of his fate. In simple words there is an alternate interpretation to the idea of fate, that is , man can alter what is in store for him with his sheer will and actions.

We often read inspiring stories of heroes and warriors who, despite a dark past and a probable danger looming in their future, emerge victorious with the help of their heroic deeds. Such tales of courage inspire others to take actions to achieve the desired goals in one’s life and thus turn a blind eye , whatever might be in store for them.

B.) One can always make a beginning.

Nature often teaches us important lessons in life and one of them would be that one can always make a beginning in life. Disastrous, storms and natural calamities destroy the natural vegetation of a place but, after a time when humans make the effort to rebuild from the ruins the vegetation that once one destroyed can again bear fruits. No matter how many adverse situations test one and break one down, one can make new beginnings . All one needs to do is restart with new hope and keep trying to rebuild what they lost.

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