Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 5: Ismat Chugtai : A woman with a difference

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Reader
Chapter5. Ismat Chugtai : A woman with a difference
WriterM. Asaduddin
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Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 5

Ismat Chugtai : A woman with a difference

Question 1.

1.) How did Ismat describe the occasion of her birth?

Ans – Ismat remembers about her birth and recalls that, on that day her mother was getting ready for a friend’s daughter’s wedding. She came unannounced and was delivered by the lady sweep sweeper unlike her brother and sisters who were delivered by the midwife. Her brothers often taunted her that she was the sweeper’s daughter but she was not offended and instead actually started believing it. She did not receive much affection from her mother and in her younger days and was brought up by the ayah.

Question 2.

2.) How did Ismat Chugtai spend her childhood days?

Ans – Ismat spent her childhood days playing football and Gaelic under riding bicycles plucking guavas and hogging them wondering about the neighborhood and generally looking for mischief or the other she was very mischievous during her childhood days.

Question 3.

3.) How was elementary education imparted to her?

Ans – When Ismat was four years old she was introduced to the baghdadi qaida. She had home tutors who came to her home and taught her. Her early school education began at Agra she went to a municipal school in a palanquin at the age of 12 she had completed reading the Quran.

Question 4.

4.) Which religion did she find the best?

Ans – Even though Ismat chugtai had studied Islam Christianity and Hinduism she found that mashab-e -insan ,that is religion of humanity was the best.

Question 5.

5.) In some sense she always remained a child do you agree?

Ans –

Yes I agree that she still remained a child because her childlike curiosity and interest for knowledge still kept the child in her intact. Her love for mischief and mystery remained the same.

Question 6.

6.) What light does the storage throw on human behavior?

Ans – The story highlights how child psychology works especially when a child is neglected in the initial years of his or her childhood . A child needs special care and attention from their parents and when this does not happen the child develops an aggressive behaviour Anne has a tendency to rebel against their parent.

Let’s discuss

a.) Gender bias must be discouraged

Ans – It is believed that God created man and woman both with a purpose. The creator through his disciples and his divine messengers has never discriminated between male and female. Both male and female should have the basic human rights and should not be discriminated against in the fields of academics, financial stability and career.

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