Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 6: The Accidental Tourist

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Reader
Chapter6. The Accidental Tourist
WriterBill Bryson
CategoryBihar Board Class 9 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 6

The Accidental Tourist

Question 1.

1.) Have you ever traveled by a train or a plane? Do you remember any interesting incident that occurred during your journey?

Ans – yes I have traveled by train and as well as a plane. I have traveled by train quite several times but I have gotten onto a plane only a few times. Yes I can recall an interesting person me and my family met during our train journey while we were traveling to Lucknow. The man was funny looking and had a huge belly. He was sleeping on his birth and was snoring loudly. The train made an unexpected halt and the man fell down from his but and made a huge sound.

Question 2.

2.) Why does the writer say that he is easily confused? Give evidence in support of your answer

Ans – The writer says that he often gets confused and that he cannot understand how people can easily do the things that seem difficult to him. There has been a number of times when he went looking for the washroom in the cinema and ended up standing in an alley on the riglong site of a self locking door. In fact whenever he stays at a hotel he has to go to the hotel desk two or three times a day to ask what his room number is .

Question 3.

3.) Describe the incident that exasperated the narrator at the Logan airport in Boston?

The writer was going through a luggage check at the Logan airport in Boston. He suddenly remembered that he had recently joined the British Airways frequent flyer program and that the card was in his carry on bag. The zip on his back was jammed so he pulled on it and yanked at it. After trying for some minute he pulled it harder just then the zip abruptly gave away and the sight of the back flew open and everything within it came out. It included newspaper cuttings, 14 tin of pipe tobacco ,magazines, passport English money etc. he started to rearrange all his documents that fell down and cried in horror when he saw his tobacco fell out and wondered how he would have to pay for that much tobacco in England.

Let’s discuss

a.) Travel light is a golden rule to make your journeys pleasurable

Bringing a lot of luggage on an international trip usually means that one has to drag it along with themselves. Dragging heavy luggage with oneself can Be hectic and be an obstacle in one’s enjoyment. Traveling hassle free with the light and compact luggage that only includes essential items for travel ensures that the luggage bag passes a security check with ease. Big luggages is often prone to get lost during the airport check in and check outs and can be problematic as they might contain many valuable and essential items. Hence it is important that when one is traveling for the vacation or a short trip one must carry a light baggage.

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