Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 7: SAINT RAVIDAS

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Bihar Board Class 9 English Reader Solutions Chapter 7


Q.1. Describe in your own words the procession to Banaras from Chittor.

Ans. A grand procession was heading towards Banaras from Chittor. It was a lavish display of pomp and grandeur. Elephants were adorned with ornate trappings, and soldiers accompanied the procession. The procession was very impressive and it reached the small hut where the revered Saint Guru Ravidas lived.

Q.2. Why did the pandits of Kashi oppose Ravidas?

Ans. The pandits of Kashi opposed Ravidas because he belonged to the untouchable caste of cobblers, yet he began to worship God, which went against their beliefs and practices.

Q.3. How did Ravidas become a great religious Guru? Who were his disciples?

Ans. Ravidas preached and practiced his teachings for over a hundred years to reform society, eradicate caste discrimination, and combat ignorance and prejudices. Through his relentless efforts against the caste system and his teachings of equality, he became a great religious Guru. His disciples included the famous poetess Mirabai, Rani Jhali, and many wealthy and aristocratic individuals, including members of the royal household.

Q.4. What was the teaching of Saint Ravidas about untouchables? Was he satisfied with their condition?

Ans. Saint Ravidas taught that those who worship God become truly noble, and caste distinctions like high and low are meaningless. He believed that all men and women are equal, and there is no such thing as untouchability. He was not satisfied with the condition of untouchables and advocated for their equal treatment and respect.

Q.5. Mention the incident from the text which proves that Ravidas did not prefer money.

Ans. A devotee of Saint Ravidas gifted him the alchemy that could turn any metal into gold. However, Ravidas did not accept it and returned it, saying that the true alchemy was the name of God and the goodness of one’s character, regardless of their caste or status.

Q.6. Describe the contributions of Saint Ravidas to society.

Ans. Saint Ravidas revived and inspired people through his teachings, exhortations, and struggles. He brought self-respect and dignity to the humblest, lowliest, and oppressed sections of society, including the untouchables. He spread the message of equality between men and women and condemned the evils of untouchability. He worked tirelessly for the upliftment of the depressed classes and backward sections, freeing them from casteism, orthodoxy, and ignorance through godliness and peaceful assertion. Even centuries after his life, he is revered and worshipped by millions for his great deeds.

B. Let’s Discuss :

Q.a. Sincerity and commitment have their own rewards.

Ans. Sincerity and commitment are indeed virtuous qualities that bring their own rewards. Those who approach life with sincerity and remain committed to their goals or causes often achieve great success and respect. History is filled with examples of individuals who, through their sincerity and unwavering commitment, transformed themselves into celebrated personalities. Mahatma Gandhi, for instance, became a globally revered figure due to his sincere commitment to nonviolence and India’s independence struggle. Similarly, spiritual leaders like Guru Ravidas, Mirabai, Guru Nanak, and Kabir are revered for their sincere devotion and commitment to their teachings. The rewards of sincerity and commitment are not just material but also the lasting impact one leaves on society.

Q.b. Untouchability is a social curse.

Ans. Untouchability is indeed a grave social curse that has plagued humanity for centuries. It is a practice rooted in ignorance and discrimination, as it goes against the fundamental principle of equality among all human beings. Untouchability is a human construct, not a divine mandate, as no religion or God advocates for treating fellow human beings as untouchable. This discriminatory practice has divided societies, fostered hatred, and hindered progress. It has been a curse that has inflicted immense suffering and indignity upon millions of people, denying them their basic human rights and dignity. Untouchability is a blight on society that must be eradicated through education, compassion, and a firm rejection of such regressive practices.

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