Bihar Board Class 10 English Poetry Solutions Chapter 1: God Made The Country

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Poetry
Chapter1. God Made The Country
PoetWilliam Cowper
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 1

God Made The Country

A. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Do you belong to a village? Which natural scenes and objects there attract you most?

Ans. I belong to a village. There are open air and sunlight in my village. There are so many greenfield and groves with shady trees. The birds in the trees produce sweet notes which are more harmonious than the songs played on gramophone. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available there in plenty.

Q2. Do you belong to a town? What things cause annoyance to you there?

Ans. I belong to a town. Things that cause annoyance to me are the traffic jams on the roads and the heaps of rubbish and garbage that lie in all the lanes and streets which cause health problems.

B. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Where do you find health and virtue?

Ans. Health and virtue are found in the villages.

Q2. Where do you find fields and groves?

Ans. Fields and groves are found in the villages.

Q3. What is the source of light in villages in the evening?

Ans. The source of light in the villages in the evening is the moon.

Q4. Why is the nightingale mute in a town?

Ans. Listening to the gramophone songs the nightingale becomes mute in a town.

C. 1. Long Answer Questions

Q1. Why does the poet believe that God made the country ?

The country came into existence in a natural, way. No one came to give a shape to the country side. It went on taking shape as the nature planned it to take its shape. So the poet is left with no option but to believe that the country is the creation of God.

Q2. Why does the poet believe that man made the town ?

Man has built high buildings, roads and streets in the town. He built shops, hotels, markets, cinema halls, gramophone, vehicles and carriages etc. So the poet believes that the town has been the creation of man.

Q3. Why is life bitter ?

Life is bitter because man does not lead a simple, laborious and natural life. He does not eat simple and home-made food. He does not do physical labour. He believes in a luxurious and comfortable life. In this way he lo’vs his health and fails a prey to different kinds of diseases. As such he fails to enjoy the happiness of life. Ultimately his lift becomes bitter.

Q4. What can make our life sweet ?

Leading a natural life can only make our life sweet. We must do . physical labour. We must avoid all kinds of luxury and comfort. We should also avoid all kinds of carriages and vehicles. We should form a walking habit. We should not go to hotels and bars. We must eat home-made food.

Q5. What function do groves perform in a village ?

In the village the farmers and labourers labour hard in the fields in the scorching rays of the sun till noon. So the groves give them shelter, rest and peace under the shades of their trees.

Q6. The birds are scared of songs. Why ?

The birds are scared of listening to the songs played on gramophone because they confound the more harmonious notes of the birds. The birds get disturbed hearing the unknown notes of the gramophone songs which are totally unfamiliar to them and so they irritate and scare the birds.


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