Bihar Board Class 10 English Poetry Solutions Chapter 2: Ode On Solitude

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Poetry
Chapter2. Ode On Solitude
PoetAlexander Pope
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 2

Ode On Solitude

A. Answer the following questions very briefly

Q1. How many of you want to be happy? What constitutes happiness?

Ans. Every body wants to live happily. Real happiness lies in a carefree and peaceful life. Simple life of contentment constitutes happiness in true sense.

Q2. What makes our life happy- money or contentment or both? Discuss.

Ans. Contentment makes our life happy. Simple and quiet life gives us real pleasure. Though money is also needed for our requirements and comforts. As such both are necessary for a happy life.

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Q3. Have you ever visited a remote village adorned with natural beauty and a capital town full of sky-scrappers. Which one would you like and why?

Ans. Yes, I had the opportunity of seeing both — a remote village with natural beauty and capital town with high sky scrappers. I think both have get their advantages and disadvantages. Capital towns Provide more opportunities for progress in life while in remote village one can live in peace and harmony which are rarely found in big cities.

B.1. Answer the following questions very briefly

Q1. Who is happy man ?

Ans. A happy man is he whose wish and care are fulfilled through land inherited from father- mother.

Q2. Who (m) does the pronoun ‘ his ‘ in the third line of the 1st stanza refer to ?

Ans. It refer to man in general and then to the poet himself in particular.

Q3. Who gives him milk ?

Ans. The heards kept in this native land will gave him milk.

Q4. What gives him bread ?

Ans. The paddy and wheat grown in his filed will give him breed.

Q5. From where does he get his clothes?

Ans. This blocks reared in his native field will provide clothes to him.

Q.6. How do trees help him ?

Ans. The trees in summer will help him by their shades. Shades will protect him from the scorcling sun. When winter comes, he can use woods of the trees to make fire to protect himself from cold.

B.2. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Name the poem and the poet.

Ans. The poem is “Ode on solitude” and the poet Alexander Pope.

Q2. Who is a blessed man?

Ans. A care-free man having healthy body and peace of mind is a blessed man.

Q3. How does a happy man spend his time?

Ans. A happy man spends his daytime in study and recreation and night in sound sleep.

Q4. Whom does “me” refer to in the last stanza?

Ans. Word “me” has been referred by the poet for himself.

Q5. What do you mean by“Slide soft away”?

Ans. The word “Slide soft away” means passing days peacefully and without cares and anxieties.

Q6. What does the poet wish after the death?

Ans. The poet does not wish to have a tombstone placed on his grave to tell others about him. He wishes to die, secretly.

Q7. How does the poet want to live?

Ans. The poet wants to live “unseen, unknown”, which means to live a simple life without name or fame.

Q8. How does the poet want to die?

Ans. The poet wants to die quietly without being lamented by anyone.

Q9. What are the features of a happy life?

Ans. The features of a happy life are to live without worries or anxieties passing hours, days and years in good health and peace of mind.

C.1. Long Answer Type Questions

Q.1. The poet thinks that those who are connected with what they have are happy men. Do you agree ? Give reasons.

Ans . It is difficult to define happiness. Happiness is an individual thing. It is the sate of mind which established happiness in a person. Some may be having crores and crores at their disposal and still be unhappy .
The philosophy of being content on what one has and be happy at the same time is also a way of looking at the aim of ones life. But for achieving some goal, one has to earn more and more and there the contenent part may be bringing adverse results in his achievements. So in my opinion one should go in life by maintaining a balance between the two.

Q.2. What does the speaker mean by ‘ Together mixt recreation. Can these things be mixed ? Have you ever tried to do so ?

Ans. When one studies without any tension in mind -it gives a lot of pleasure because one is not reading under pressure. The pressure starts when one is reading from the point of view of examination, Hence the study can be combined with pleasure for recreation. This is also a way to lead a tension free life. A life of peace.

Q.3. Why does the poet want to live and die stealthily from the world. How many of you would like to do so and why ?

Ans. The poet’s philosophy is that of a nobal soul. He is not interested in any publicity for himself during life and even on his death.
Every few people would like to go the poets way because everybody wants to be known in the world by their virtue during the period they are alive and even after death. Name and fame is a part of man’s visions and goal.

Q.4. How do you think the title of the poem is justified ? Can you suggest any other title ? Give reasons for your choice.

Ans. I think the title given by the poet as ‘ Ode to Solitude ‘ for his poem is quite appropriate as the poem revolves round the philosophy of contentment and achieving that contentment by passing life in solitude.


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