Bihar Board Class 10 English Poetry Solutions Chapter 3: Polythene Bag

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Poetry
Chapter3. Polythene Bag
PoetDurga Prasad Panda
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 3

Polythene Bag

B.1. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Who has composed the poem ?

Ans. The name of the poet who has written this poem is Durga Prasad Panda.

Q2. Does a Polythene bag get dissolved ?

Ans. No, Not at all.

Q3. When does a Polythene bag make a noise ?

Ans. When touched it makes a shrill crying sound.

Q4. What does it given it is burnt ?

Ans. When burnt it gives or generates a poisonous smell.

Q5. How does it affect environment ?

Ans. It pollutes the environment . It has an adverse effect on the atmosphere.

B.2. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. How do the germs of disease grow?

Ans. The germs of disease grow inside the garbage Bin where polythene’ bags are lying inside it.

Q2. What does the word ‘Hurt’ stand for?

Ans. The word ‘Hurt’ stands for the pain the polythene bags give out to mankind.

Q3. What causes pain ?

Ans. The ‘ hurt ‘ created by the selfisness or Ingratitude of man cause pain.

Q4. Whose hurt melt down like polythene bag ?

Ans. The person who is hurt compromises with the situation when the feeling of warmth is extended to him . It lies like a Polythene bag buried inside a garbage him.

Q5. What comes back again and again ?

Ans. The pain caused by the hurt keeps coming back again and again.

Q6. Where is the Polythene bag is buried?

Ans. The polythene bag is buried deep inside the garbage bin.

C.1. Long Answer Questions

Q1. How does a Polythene bag pollute our environment?

Ans. Polythene bags are never destroyed by cold or heat, by water or soil. A polythene bag gives out a poisonous smell if it is burnt. By lying inside the garbage bin it grows germs of the diseases. In this way, it pollutes our environment.

Q2. Why does the poet compare hurt with a Polythene bag? Give any two reasons.

Ans. A polythene bag hurts every body on the earth. First, ‘hurt’ is the symbol of pain. Secondly, it can never be destroyed by burning or by burying it into the earth’s crust.

Q3. “The Polythene bag remains buried within”. Explain.

Ans. A polythene bag is never destroyed even if it is buried. side a garbage bin or into the earth’s crust. It goes on growing the germs of disease. But it is not visible to any body.

Q4. Have you ever been hurt? Write your feeling in your own words.

Ans. I have been hurt many times by the polythene bags. The eatables that I bring in it get contaminated. They also get coloured by the colour of the polythene bags


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