Bihar Board Class 10 English Prose Solutions Chapter 1: The Pace for Living

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Prose
Chapter1. The Pace for Living
WriterR.C. Hutchinson
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 1

The Pace for Living

B. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Where did the writer watch the play ?

Ans. He watched the play in a city called Dublin.

Q2. Who was the chief character in the play ?

Ans. The chief character was an elderly com-merchant in a small Irish Country town.

Q3. Does the writer dislike rapid movement in every field ?

Ans. The writer enjoys driving car at ninety miles an hour. To dine in London and lunch in New York next day is a satisfying experience for him. But the writer alos admits that such fast driving excludes all the red pleasure of travel. It is most exciting to travel in a country bus in Somerset or Spain.

Q4. In which situation , the writer finds himself in the cinema ?

Ans. The writer says that when he goes to see a picture. He finds himself confused because he is unable to establish the identity of a character. The change of scene and action in th picture is fast and he fails to associate himself with the changing scene and situation.

Q5. How does the writer classify himself as a thinker ?

Ans. He feels that most of the follow viewers in the cinema think fast enough to keep up comfortably with rapid changes of scene and action. Whereas he fails that his mind does not wook in high gear in such situation.

C. Long Answer Questions

Q1. Write a few sentences about the elderly Corn merchant.

Ans. The writer describes the Com- merchant like this :

  • He was a man of many anexietis.
  • His heart was dicky.
  • His nephew used to cheat him and his wife had the habit of spending ten dollars on a holiday.
  • It was very- very difficult for him to keep pace of life.

Q2. “They tell me there is an aeroplane now that goes at 1,000 miles an hour. Now that ‘s too fast.” What light does the remark of the Corn- merchant throw on the pacy life today.

Ans. The Com- merchant was unable to keep pace with the fast growing pacy life. He could not imagine of the fast pace of an aeroplane flying at the speed of 1,000 miles an hour. That was too much for him .
The writer says that this illustration gives an insight into the approach of am lrish. Who is living in the present but thinks of the past.

Q3. What sort of excitement do we have today which our ancestors lack ? Is it an advantage or disadvantage ?

Ans. We have fast moving mode of conveyence today through road, through rail and through air. We can dine in London and take unch in New York next day. Similarly we have fast means of communication the mobile, the fax, the internet and telephone services through satellite can connect us with any part of the world in seconds. These facilities were not available to our ancestors. We have to follow the pace of the machines today.
I feel this is an advantage of the modern age. Man today cannot do without this.

Q4. Who are taken to be slow thinkers ? How are the slow thinkers handicapped today ?

Ans. The writer puts a sarcastic remarks by saying that he belongs to the tribe of slow thinkers. He says that he will get the lowest marks in an intelligent test because such tests today measure the speed of mind than anything else. That is why the slow thinkers like me [the writer} are deprived of good living.
The writer further says that the use of mind or rather speed of mind is required more in the field of entertainment today. He cites the example of a cinema where the scene and action changes rapidly and the viewer is required to keep pace with the changing sence on the screen.
Hence the slow thinkers today are handicapped.

Q5. What enlightenment does the writer seek from his wife. How does it suggest about the plight of the modern man. ?

Ans. The writer says that when he goes to see a picture he finds himself totally confused regarding the movement of characters on the screen. Who is Who amongst the heroines and who is the actural hero amongst the male characters ? There the writer is supposed to get help from his wife, sitting next to him. Here one is supposed to think in best gear to keep pace with the changing scene and action. If one does not think fast now plight of the modem man.

Q6. Summarise the central idea of this essay.

Ans. The central idea of this essay is to throw light on the fast mode. The technology is changing everyday. The new technological advancements affects the life of man. The old technology becomes obsolate and a new technology takes over. Man has to keep pace with the changing world of today otherwise he will be left behind in the race and will have to repent for the loss after some time. The new generation will feel the pinch.

Q7. Why is yoga so popular in America ? Give two reasons.

Ans. 1. Yoga tunes mind with body. It ensures rhythmes functioning of body with pinctuning of mind.
Due to very fast live of the Americans and their materialistic attitude towards life they are suffering from mental fatigue, depression and accumulating so many other problems which gives rise to so many health problems. Yoga streamlines their life and so they are adopting yoga to solve these problems which medicine has not been able to cure.


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