Bihar Board Class 10 English Prose Solutions Chapter 2: Me and The Ecology Bit

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Prose
Chapter2. Me and The Ecology Bit
WriterJon Lexau
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 2

Me and The Ecology Bit

B.1. Write ‘ T ‘ for Ture and ‘ F ‘ for False of the following

  1. People easily get convinced by Jim.
  2. He uses a paper route to convince people.
  3. He gives suggestions on ecology free of cost.
  4. Mr. William was at his house.
  5. People listened to Jim gladly, for he was an eco-friendly boy.

Ans. F, T, T, T, T

B.1.2. Answer the following questions very briefly.

Q1. What is a compost pit ?

Ans. This is pit where compost manure is made.

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Q2. What does Mr. Williams mean by nose pollution ?

Ans. Actually when leaves, garbage and other stuff are dumped in a pit it stars decomposing which emits foul smell. Mr. Williams uses the phrase nose pollution to explain regarding the emission of foul smell from the pit after decomposition of the material dumped inside the pit.

Q3. Why is burning of leaves bad for air ?

Ans. The burning of leaves creates smoke. The smoke is full of carbon which is acidic. This pollutes the air and thereby pollutes the atmosphere.

B.2. Answer the following questions very briefly

Q1. What happens when the narrator calls Ms. Greene as Mrs. Green ?

Ans. When the narrator call her Mrs. Greene. She says does not have Change to pay and thus avoids payment.

Q2. What does the narrator do on Saturdays and Sundays?

Ans. On Saturdays, the narrator puts in a good work for ecology. It is a good collecting day and it easier to meet people on that day being week and holidays.

Q3. Which animal messes up with Mrs. Greenis yard ?

Ans. It is the dog of the narrator who is alleged to have messed up with the yard of Mrs. Greene.

Q4. Why does the narrator asks Mrs. Greene to save paper and aluminium cans ?

Ans. The narrator advises Mrs. Greene to save papers for the school pick up and those can be recycled into new paper. In the same way the aluminium cans can be converted into metal for reuse.

Q5. Did the narrator succeed in getting Mrs. Greene do something about ecology ?

Ans. The narrator failed to persuade Mrs. Greene to do something about ecology. He says, he gets tired of trying to get Mrs. Greene to do something about ecology.

B.3.1. Complete the following sentences on the basis of the unit you have just studied :

  1. It is very boring work, this ecology fit.
  2. Woman use too many electric things.
  3. Nobody’s willing to do anything about ecology.
  4. The narrator drive his motorbike round and round his backyard all summer and snow – mobile all winter.

B.3.2. Answer the following questions very briefly :

Q1. How many blocks away was the post office from Mr. Johnsons house ?

Ans. It was only two blocks away from Mr. Johnsons house.

Q2. What from of electricity did the narrator use ?

Ans. He used to watch T. V. and through this was consuming electricity.

Q3. Why did Mr. Johnson think that the narrator did not follow the principal of walling ?

Ans. Mr. Johnson felt that the narrator himself was using his motorbike and show mobile in summer and winter months and thereby was wasting fuel and at the same time making noise pollution.

Q4. Did the narrator enjoy in talking about ecology ?

Ans. No, the narrator did not enjoy talking about ecology. He says it is very boring job and fells nobody listens to him.

C.1. Long Answer Questions :

Q1. ‘ Nobody is willing to do anything about ecology’. Do you agree with the statement.

Ans. Yes, I feel we are left with no choice but to agree with the statement of the narrator at the end of the article entitled ‘ Me and the Ecology Bit’. The narrator tried his best to convince people to do something on their part for the sake of ecology but instead of agreeing to the suggestion everyone started accusing the writer by finding faults in his own approach towards maintaining ecological balance. If we generalize this statement in the context of the world scan ario of today the situation is found to be almost the same.

Q2. “But any how on Saturday when I collect, I put in a word on ecology.” This is the narrator’s way of preserving ecology. How are you contributing to ecolgical preservation in your sorrounding ?

Ans. This is the common way of doing social work in modern society. Everybody preaches others to follow the rule but when it comes to himself he flouts the rule.
We try to keep our area neat and elean, throw the garbage at the proper place and do community plantation of trees in the area to preserve the ecological balance.

Q3. ‘I get tired of trying to get Mrs. Green to do something about ecology. Explain in detail the meeting between Jim and Mrs. Greene and throw light on the outcome of the meeting.

Ans. The diologue between Jim and Mrs. Green seems to be quite interesting. When Jim reached her house she was putting her garbage bag for weekly pick up on Monday. She is usually goes out on weekends and so she keeps the garbage in a beg plastic bag and keeps that bag in her garden for further management by the writer.
She asks Jim to pick up gum wrapper which she says was thrown by Jim. She says —’ Has he not been taught not to bitter. And then again she complains about Jim’s dog who is responsible for digging up his garden and putting her yard in a mess. She says the dogs are to kept in chains.
Then the third episode between Mrs. Greene and Jim related to the management of old newspapers. She was advised by Jim to save those papers to be picked up the school. She was also told to keep aluminium cans.
The meeting results in a fiascos and the effort of Jim failed.

Q4. ‘Sure it is hard to get people to work for ecology’. Do you agree with this statement? What is Ecology? What measures have you and your school taken to preserve it ?

Ans. Ecology is the science for the preservation of natural atmosphere and environment so that the life of living being on earth is not endangered. As it goes the people have started appreciating the problem being faced by the modern world but nobody is coming out to work for it seriously hence the situation has not improved.

Q5. “When use too many electric things”. What prompts the narrator to say so? How does the use of modern appliances affect ecology ?

Ans. In modern kitchens in the house there are so many electric appliance to facilitate cooking. The cooking methods have undergone a change from the traditional way making it necessary to use modern appliances like electric women, mixer. Juicer, Grinder, Toaster , Exhaust Fans, Refrigerator, Cooker etc. These appliances used electricity to run. This results in more consumption of electricity which is short in supply because the production is less. This causes pressure on production. We need more coal for production of thermal power or more water for Hydro power. Both coal Hydro power generation effects our ecological balance in turns of pollution of atmosphere. So the narrator advised his mother to use hand driven egg beater instead of electric mixer.

Q6. Do you think that Jim is a real ecology friendly boy ? Give your own opinion.

Ans. Jim is more a preacher who gives sermon to others to work for the preservation of ecology. But when it comes to his own working, he has not shown any effective result. So it seems he is more perfect in theory then in practice.

Q7. Does Jim understand why his advice is being questioned? Explain.

Ans. His advice regarding following the principal of ecological methods are ignored bacause people understand that Jim is not a true follower of what he says. So that people make a mockery of Jim . Perhaps be understands has position and that is why he is unable to insist on the subject.

Q8. What happened to the tree referred to by Mr. Johnson ?

Ans. Actually the Referred to by Mr. Johnson was non existent. There was no tree there. At another place a little tree was coming up but was killed due to jumping over it everyday Alle – gedly by Jim.
So the theory of tree and ecology as put by Jim to Jonson was proved wrong. It made another laughing stock for Jim.

Q9. Is Jim awere of all the a spects and does he always practice ecology methods ? Why or why not ?

Ans. From the lesson it is apparent that Jim is very much aware of all the aspects of ecology but it seems that he does bring those methods to his own use. He gets defeat at all the places where he goes and at the end be admits that nobody listens to him.


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