Bihar Board Class 10 English Prose Solutions Chapter 6: Once Upon A Time

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Prose
Chapter6. Once Upon A Time
WriterToni Morrison
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 6

Once Upon A Time

B.1. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. How was the old woman?

Ans. The old woman was blind but wise.

Q2. Is this folk lore prevalent in one culture or many?

Ans. This folk lore is prevalent in many cultures.

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Q3. Who is the father of that old woman?

Ans. The father of the old woman is a black American Slave.

Q4. Where does the old woman live?

Ans. The old woman lives alone in a small house outside of town.

Q5. How is her reputation for wisdom?

Ans. Her reputation for wisdom is unquestionable and beyond any doubt.

Q6. What is her position in the neighbourhood?

Ans. The honour she is paid and the respect she commands and held reach beyond her neighbourhood, to places far away.

Q7. What position she hold among her people.

Ans. Among her people she holds both the law and its transgression (the person who violates the law).

Q8. What does the old woman know about those people?

Ans. The old lady only knows the motive of those people. She is blind and cannot see her visitors.

Q9. Who visited the old lady one day?

Ans. One day some young people visited the old lady.

Q10. What was the purpose of visit of those people?

Ans. The purpose of visit of those people was their inclination to prove wrong whatever they were seeing from their eyes, showing her up for the fraud they believed she was and to disclose her clairvoyance.

Q11. What was the plan of those people?

Ans. There plan was simple. They entered her house and asked the answer of their question for which they had come.

Q12. What is the difference between the old woman and those people?

Ans. There is a difference between the old lady and those people (visitors). She has deep inability due to her blindness, whereas those people have eyesight and are young.

Q13. What was the reaction of the young people when woman was silent for long?

Ans. When woman was silent for long, the young people felt trouble in holding their laughter. They laughed at her.

Q14. What was the answer of the old woman?

Ans. The old woman replied that she did not know whether the bird he (the young boy) was holding was dead or alive. She further said that she only knew that the bird was in his hands.

Q15. The young visitors are reprimanded for which conduct of theirs?

Ans. The young visitors are reprimanded (scolded severly) for parading their power and her helplessness.

Q16. What one understand by ‘bird’ and woman in terms of the Nobel Laureate?

Ans. In terms of the Nobel laureate the bird is language And the woman is a “practised writer”.

B. 2. Short Answer Type Questions

Q1. Who are ‘they’ according to the writer’s perception?

Ans. ‘They’ are the young people, the visitors who come to the old blind woman.

Q2. According to the writer the future of language was in whose hands?

Ans. According to the writer the future of language was in the hands of young visitors or the young generation.

Q3. What according to the writer could have been the purpose of visit of such young people?

Ans. According to the writer, the purpose of visit of such young people to the old lady’s house could have been a fraud or a trick to get to be spoken to.

Q4. When one is young then how one sees language?

Ans. When one is young he sees language as meditation.

Q5. How is language interpreted by the old woman?

Ans. The old woman has interpreted the language to be the bird that is not in the hands of one of those young people.

C. 1. Long Answer Questions

Q1. Enumerate the traits of the old woman’s character on the basis of the text.

Ans. The distinguishing features of the nature of the old woman can be put under the following characteristics.
She is wise.

  • She was blind but had inner wisdom.
  • Her reputation for wisdom could not be challenged.
  • Among her people she was both law maker and beaker.

Q2. Have you recently heard a story which is interesting? Write down in 100 words?

Ans. It is a fact that good and interesting story provides pleasure and substantial lesson. Such story imparts a deep impression which remains t throughout the life. “Gillu” written by Mahadevi Verma is most interesting and the real story of her life. I have gone through (he story in the text. “Gillu” was a tiny baby squirted. It had fallen down from the nest of a tree in her garden and was wounded. Out of her genercusity, she brought it in her room and gave it proper nursing and care. She arranged a flower basket, as its nest on her window.

It was given delicious and nutrient food like Kaju, biscuits etc. During the course of her indisposition he vould sit near her head and gently stroke her forehead by its bushy tail. She had so much affection for Gillu that it was most unbearable for her to lose its company. But unfortunately, Gillu died in about two years. It was great shock to her. But it was her belief that on some spring day she would find, Gillu in the guise of a tiny yellow flower. The story is the example of compassionate feeling of Mahadevi Verma and throw a light on the sense of humanity. Really, the art of story-telling is gradually going down.

Q3. Do you think that language is crucial to a writer ? Give any three reasons.

Ans. Yes, Language is crucial to a writer. It plays a dominant role in taking any decision by him. His course of action and tender sentiments are guided by the concept or general notion of the language. The three reason behind its being crucial may be cited by the following facts :

  • It is language that tells us how to see without pictures. It means, we can know the situation of an event or incident through the language, without the help of the pictures,
  • It is language which alone protects us from the frightening or causing fear of things,
  • Language is the only means of meditation. It creates the act of meditating. Thus language is crucial to a writer for his profound expression of facts.

Q4. Quote a few lines from the text which highlights the plight of woman and depressed classes.

Ans. The following few lines from the text, very well highlight the plight of woman and depressed classes

  • “Old woman, I hold in my hand a bird, tell me whether it is living or r dead”.
  • For parading their power and her helplessness, the young visitors are reprimanded, told they are responsible not only for the act of mockery’ but also for the small bundle of life sacrificed to achieve its aims. The – blind
  • woman shifts her attention away from assertions of power to the instrument through which that power is exercised.
  • Perhaps what the children heard was, “It is not my problem. ‘I am old female, black, blind. What wisdom I have now is in knowing I cannot help you. The future of language is yours.”
  • Tell us what it is to be a woman sp that we may know what it is to be a man. What it is to have no home to this place. To be set adrift from the one you know; What if is to live at the edge of towns that cannot bear your company.

Q5. Write a paragraph on a character, in the story that has impresed you.

Ans. I liked the character of the old woman. I like her reputation for wisdom which was without peer and without questions among the people she was both the laws and its trangression. The honour she is paid and the awe in which, she is held is reached beyond her nighbouthood to places far away to city where intelligence of rubral prophets is the source of much amusement.


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