Bihar Board Class 10 English Prose Solutions Chapter 8: Little Girl Wiser Than Men

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Prose
Chapter8. Little Girl Wiser Than Men
WriterLeo Tolstoy
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 8

Little Girl Wiser Than Men

B. 1. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Which festival was referred by the writer ?

Ans. The writer has referred to the Easter festival which comes after writer in the mouth of March or April.

Q2. Why seldging was over ?

Ans. Sledding was over the snow on the hills had started melting. Sledging is only possible when the hills are snow clapped.

Q3. Why there was water running in streams down the village street ?

Ans. The crust of snow still lay in the yards and the water of melting snow ran in streams down the village street.

Q4. Where do the two little girls meet ?

Ans. The two little girls from different houses happened to meet in a lane between two home steads.

Q5. Are they was very small and the other a little bigger.

Ans. One girl was very small and the other a little bigger .

Q6. Why did Akhulya try to check Malasha ?

Ans. Because the fancy took them to splsh water entering into the puddle. She had her shoes and stocking on while earning into water. That would spoil the shoes and dress and then mother would scold her.

Q7. Akhulya advised did Akhulya offer ?

Ans. Akulya advised Malasha take off her off her shoes and stockings,avoid splashing water and walk carefully.

B.2. Say True (T) or False (F) to the following statements

  1. Akoulaya and Malasha take off their shoes and stockings.
  2. They do not walk towards each other in the puddle.
  3. Malasha assures Akoulya that water is deep.
  4. Malasha splashes water.
  5. Akoulaya ran to strike Malasha.
  6. Malasha purposely splashes water.

Ans. T, F, T, T, T, T

B.3. Fill up the blanks

They all went on quarellig, till one gave another a push, and the affair had very nearly come to blows, when Akulya’s old grandmother, stepping in among them, tried to calm them. “What are you thinking of, friends? Is it right to behave so? On a day like this, too! It is a time for rejoicing and not for such folly as this.”

B.3.2. Answer the following questions briefly

Q1. Why Akulya started shouting at Malasha ?

Ans. When Akoulya saw the stains on her frock she was angry and ran after Malasha to strike her. Malsha got frightened on this .

Q2. Why Akulya’s mother seized Malasha ?

Ans. Malasha had plumped down her foot in the new frock of Akoulya . It had gone upto nose and eyes. Malasha got frightened as she saw Akulya running after her to give a strike. Akoulya flamed Malasha for this condition when her mother enquired about this.
On this Akoulya’s mother seized Malasha and struck her on the back of her neck.

Q3. What happens when Malash’s mother came out after hearing her howl.

Ans. Malasha started holwing so that her voice reaches down the street. Her mother came out.
She asked : ” what for are you beating my girl ?” She started scolding her nighbour.

Q4. Why no one was listening ?

Ans. The men came out a crowd collected over there in the street. Every body was shouting and no one was listening. They all want on quarrelling .

Q5. Did the old woman succeed in her effort ?

Ans. Akoulya’s old grand mother stepped in and tried to calm everybody. She said right to behave so ? It is a time for rejoining and not for such folly as this she said.

Q6. What did Akulya do while other woman were abusing ?

Ans. Akulya wiped out the mud off her frock. She want back to the puddle. She took a stone and began scraping away the earth in front of the puddle to make a channel so that water could run upto the street. Malasha also joined her in her effort and with a chip of wood helped her in digging the channel.

Q7. When men also started fighting, what the two girls do ?

Ans. Water started flowing down the channel and the wooden chip started Floting in the stream. The two girls started running on two sides of the little stream. Highly delighted and watching the clip float along on their stream the little straight into the group of man.

Q8. were they too flighting ?

Ans. No, they were highly delighted were enjoying their creations.

Q9. Why old woman said to the crowd. ” Are you not shared of yourselves “.

Ans. The old woman wanted to clam the crowd. So she said : ” Are you not ashamed of your self ?” You people are fighting on account of these little girls.But you see, they themselves have forgotten all the wrongs they have committed.

C.A. Long Type Questions with Answers

Q1. Describe why the two girls were dressed in new cloths and showing their finery to each other?

The two girls were dressed in new cloths and showing their impressive garments and jeweler to each other. It was Easter festival. The reason behind the demonstration of their dress and costumes was to show that they had just come from church. Another reason might be to show that they were wearing magnificent cloths and jewellery.

Q2. Why did they step into the puddle and what makes them fight?

The two girls were playing. Mean while the idea, of playing in the water of a small pool and to spread water in fun, came in their mind. So they stepped into the pool. The reason behind the fight between those two girls’ was also funny. Malasha suddenly plumped down her foot in the water of the pool. It was so sudden and heavy that the water spread and splashed right on Akoulya’s frock, eyes and nose. It made her frock dirty and coated with mud. Akoula thought that Malasha had done it intentionally, in order to make her dress dirty. So, she became angry and ran after Malasha to hit her forcefully. Thus, they fought for their own reasons, forming a prejudiced opinion about one another.

Q3. What did the old woman mean by “Is it right to behave so? on a day like this too!”

The old woman saw a crowd collected in the street and all went on quarreling. Everyone was shouting and no one was listening to others. She thought that the situation might take an ugly and disastrous turn. So she tried to make it peaceful. Moreover it was the day of “Easter festival”. As such coming to them she expressed her surprise over their behavior. She advised them not to create such nuisance and to be peaceful. Thus her statement in this connection, “Is it right to behave so? on a day like this too !” throws light on her painful sentiments over such behavior, because

  1. Such inhuman and undesirable act was wrong and
  2. It was the auspicious day to celebrate “Easter” festival.

Q4. Why writer calls two little girls “Dear little souls’

The two little girls Akoulya and Malasha indulge in quarell while playing in a puddle Akoulya wants to beat malasha for her wrong act. Malasha being frightened thinks to run to her house. Just then Akoulya’s mother happens to come. Seeing Akoulya’s frock dirty by sprinkles of mud and knowing the fact she beats Malasha. People gather from both the sides, start shouting without listening to other. Akoulya’s old grandmother accidentally comes to that place and tries to pacify them but does not succeed.

All of a sudden the situation takes a happy turn. Akoulya removes the dirty mud on her frock herself and goes back to the puddle. She begins to scrap away the earth in front of the puddle to make a channel, so that water may run into the street where the old woman is trying to pacify the crowd. Malasha also joins her (Akoulya) forgetting all her dispute. Seeing this the old lady becomes pleased and calls them, “Dear little Souls”. Therefore writer also calls them, “Dear little souls” to see their innocence. He is highly influenced to see their spirit of “Forget and forgive”.

Q5. Why in the crowd everyone is shouting and no one is listening?

When two persons or groups indulge in some dispute or some controversial issues, they do not admit their own fault and accuse others. They try to pacify others with their own arguments without listening to them. It is but human nature. As such, the same thing happens in the matter as referred. When Akoulya and Malasha engage in quarrelsome affairs, people assembled from both the sides in the street start shouting. No one listen to others. They do not accept their.fault and accuse their opponents. That is why everyone is shouting and no one is listening.


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