Bihar Board Class 10 English Reader Solutions Chapter 5: Sun and Moon

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Reader
Chapter5. Sun and Moon
AuthorKatherine Mansfield
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 5

Sun and Moon

Question 1. Suppose you are Sun. There was a party at your house last night in which you were not allowed to attend. How did you feel? and how did you face such situation?

Answer: As Sun, if there was a party at my house last night and I was not allowed to attend, I would have felt deeply hurt and isolated. Being the center of the household, it would have been disheartening to be excluded from the festivities. However, I would have faced the situation with grace and understanding, realizing that sometimes adults need their own private gatherings, and my presence might have been inappropriate or unwelcome.

Question 2. Do you think the young children should also have the right to attend parties especially designed for adults? Why not? Give reasons.

Answer: No, I do not think young children should have the right to attend parties designed specifically for adults. These events often involve activities and themes that are not suitable for children, such as alcohol consumption, adult conversations, and potentially inappropriate behavior. Children’s presence could hinder the natural flow of the event and make adults uncomfortable. Additionally, exposing children to such environments prematurely could negatively impact their development and values.

Question 3. A young boy is sometimes reprimanded when he interferes while the elders are talking. Have you ever faced such a situation? Write your views or feelings.

Answer: Yes, I have faced situations where I was reprimanded for interfering while elders were conversing. While I understand that elders may want to have undisturbed conversations, being reprimanded can make a child feel dejected, ignored, and disrespected. It is important to strike a balance, where children are taught to respect boundaries while also being made to feel valued and heard.

Question 4. What message does Katherine Mansfield want to give to the readers? Explain.

Answer: Through this story, Katherine Mansfield seems to convey the message that childhood is a delicate and impressionable phase, and parents must be mindful of protecting their children’s innocence and shielding them from premature exposure to adult experiences. She highlights the importance of providing a nurturing and morally uplifting environment for children, as their tender minds are easily influenced by their surroundings.

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