Bihar Board Class 10 English Reader Solutions Chapter 7: Love Defiled

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SubjectEnglish (Panorama), Reader
Chapter7. Love Defiled
AuthorGiridhar Jha
CategoryBihar Board Class 10 Solutions

Bihar Board Class 10 English Solutions Chapter 7

Love Defiled

Question 1: ‘It was so typical of her witty to the hilt, understanding to a fault.’ Sketch the character of the girl in the light of this statement.

Answer: The statement suggests that the girl was intelligent, witty, and had a remarkable understanding nature. She displayed a keen sense of humor and could effortlessly comprehend complex situations or people’s emotions. Her character can be described as insightful, empathetic, and possessing a sharp wit that set her apart from others.

Question 2: ‘The louder I talked about my virtues, the faster I made a fool of myself, ‘Sketch the character of the narrator in the light of this statement.

Answer: The narrator’s character is portrayed as someone who boasted about their virtues or good qualities excessively, leading them to appear foolish. The statement implies that the more the narrator talked about their positive traits, the more they ended up making a fool of themselves, suggesting a lack of self-awareness or humility.

Question 3: ‘For the first time in my life, I realised I was also ugly from within and despite our eight years of togetherness, her goodness had not rubbed off on me in any way.” What made the narrator feel so?

Answer: The narrator felt “ugly from within” because, despite being with the girl for eight years, her goodness and positive qualities had not influenced or rubbed off on him in any way. This realization struck him when she introduced him to her IAS (Indian Administrative Service) husband, making him confront his own flaws and shortcomings in comparison to her and her accomplished husband.

Question 4: Has the goodness of someone ever made you feel very mean? Explain.

Answer: Yes, the goodness of someone, particularly elders, family members, or mentors, has made me feel very mean or inadequate at times. Witnessing their admirable qualities, such as kindness, integrity, or selflessness, has made me reflect on my own actions and flaws, prompting a desire to improve myself and learn from their exemplary behavior.

Question 5: Why did the narrator leave the girl he loved so passionately? Was he honest in his relation?

Answer: The narrator left the girl he loved passionately because he was unable to qualify for the competitive IAS examination, which was a prerequisite for their marriage. This suggests that their relationship was contingent upon his success in this examination, and his failure to meet this condition led to their separation. Based on this, it can be inferred that the narrator was not entirely honest in his relationship, as he may have misled the girl about his prospects or ability to meet the condition set for their marriage.

Let’s Discuss

  1. Live-in relationship is against our social values.


  • Cultural and Religious Beliefs: In many cultures and religions, there are traditional norms and values that prioritize marriage as the ideal setting for romantic relationships. Live-in relationships might be seen as a deviation from these established norms, leading some to perceive them as contradictory to cultural and religious values.
  • Perception of Morality: There’s a prevalent perception in some societies that cohabiting without marriage is morally unacceptable. This perspective often stems from deeply ingrained beliefs about the sanctity of marriage and family structure. Those who hold this view might see live-in relationships as undermining the institution of marriage.
  • Generational Differences: Older generations, who grew up in more conservative times, may be more likely to view live-in relationships unfavorably. They might see them as a departure from the values they were raised with, which prioritized marriage and commitment.
  • Social Stigma: Despite changing attitudes in many parts of the world, there can still be social stigma attached to live-in relationships, particularly in more traditional or conservative communities. Individuals in such communities may face judgment, ostracization, or discrimination if they choose to live together without being married.
  • Evolving Perspectives: While some may perceive live-in relationships as contrary to social values, it’s essential to recognize that societal norms are not static. Over time, attitudes towards relationships, marriage, and family structures evolve. What was once considered taboo may become more widely accepted as societies become more diverse and individuals exercise greater autonomy in their personal lives.
  • Ultimately, perceptions of live-in relationships vary widely depending on cultural, religious, and individual beliefs. While they may challenge certain traditional values, they also reflect changing social dynamics and evolving notions of partnership and commitment in modern society.

2. One should listen to one’s heart rather than anything else.

  • Intuition often carries profound insights that rationality may overlook.
  • Trusting your heart aligns actions with personal values and desires.
  • Emotions provide valuable guidance in decision-making processes.
  • Authenticity flourishes when individuals honor their inner voice.
  • Listening to the heart fosters self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

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